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About us

Since Skarp Advokatbyrå was established in 2008 we have created a winning team that has achieved a great number of successes on behalf of our clients. Our client base includes Swedish and international insurance companies, banks, finance companies, start-up companies, film and TV producers, artists, elite sportsmen and sportswomen, management companies, property companies, installation companies, shipping companies, airlines, employer organisations and small and medium-sized family-owned companies within a variety of industries and sectors.


Our collective experience covers a broad spectrum of business law. Some of our lawyers have practical experience of contract and company law, while others have been corporate lawyers at larger and smaller sized companies, both abroad and in Sweden. A number of our lawyers have served time in the Swedish Court of Appeal, and most have completed their notary service and have carried out studies overseas. The majority of our partners have previously been partners or senior lawyers at some of the largest business law firms in Sweden.


The thinking behind our law firm is to unite the experience gained and lessons learned from previous workplaces and create a new concept where job satisfaction, flexibility and availability are more important than the number of hours charged. Our clients have direct contact with the lawyer who is performing the work, without any go-betweens, which is both time-saving and cost-effective. A vital cornerstone of our business is the transfer of knowledge between our various areas of expertise, and between different generations. We have an “open door policy” and the work carried out by our younger lawyers is always quality assured by a colleague.


We have an unpretentious approach to our work, and together we complement each other extremely well, both professionally and personally. This is also noticeable at our workplace; we think that it is fun to go to work. Every day! And our clients also think that it is enjoyable to visit us. It is not unusual for our clients to turn up unannounced for a cup of coffee, with no particular matter at hand; something we view as clear evidence that we are doing things right.